Pickleball Pendant | Paddle & Ball in Rose Gold - Small

Pickleball Pendant / Charm| Paddle & Ball in Rose Gold

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This extra small piece of pickleball jewelry is great as a charm or as a small pendant. It's perfect for those who prefer a more petite look. You're sure to appreciate the fine design including the black enamel detail on the ball. Choose between 10K and 14K solid Rose Gold. Pickleball jewelry is the perfect gift idea!

  • Dimensions (w x h): 7.5mm x 15mm
  • Metal: Rose Gold
  • Made to order in the USA, ships in about 5 Weeks

Need a chain for your Pickleball Pendant? Choose one from our collection here.

This product is an original design by Crosscourt Jewelry and is protected from copy or use without written consent by U.S. Copyright Laws.


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